Kitchen Basics

Welcome to the Kitchen Basics Page!

A lot of you probably have enough experience in the kitchen that you may think this particular page is of no use to you.  Others of you may have come to my site looking to change your life from one of on-the-run fast food, and need some kitchen tips. The fact is, in order to change your eating habits, you need to take responsibility for your eating, and that starts by getting in the kitchen!

So if you've never really cooked before, bravo! You're taking a brave step, seriously. On this page I'll cover some important topics on being safe and efficient in the kitchen. After all, if you can put a meal on the table from scratch in the same time it takes to make a meal from a box or freezer bag, you'll keep doing it!

And for those of you thinking this page is too basic for your skill level, please feel free to peruse anyway, and comment on posts if you think I need clarification. Who knows? You might find a better way of doing something you already know, or teach me a thing or two!

Check back often for updates!

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