My Recipes

Welcome to my Recipe Page!

Here you will find recipes from yours truly. Each and every one comes from my own noggin (although my stomach likes to put in her 2 cents occasionally. Come to think of it, so does my husband!). These are my tried and true signature creations, as well as recent experiments, all keeping processed and refined food to the bare minimum.

Feel free to comment on anything you see, or email me with your own creations. You may get featured as a guest chef!

Avocado Cheesecake Pots | Printer Friendly Creamy, sweet, and tart

DIY Butter | Printer Friendly So easy, I'm not even sure if I can call it a recipe...

Chicken Paprikash | Printer Friendly  A favorite of mine from childhood, it's satisfying, simple, and wholesome

CrockPot RoastPrinter Friendly Includes instructions for the stove-top/oven

German Spargel Dinner |Printer Friendly An authentic German celebration of the king of vegetables: white asparagus. 

         Individual recipes:
            -Salzkartoffeln (Salted Potatoes) | Printer Friendly
            -Sauce Hollandaise | Printer Friendly
            -Gekochten WeiƟspargel (Boiled White Asparagus) | Printer Friendly

Perfect Breakfast Smoothie | Printer Friendly The perfect balance of proetein, carbs, fat and deliciosity to get you through the A.M.

Smoked Salmon Pasta | Printer Friendly  A quick romantic meal, that also works great with smoked trout

Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote | Printer Friendly  A grown up version of an early summer classic

Strawberries Two Ways | Printer Friendly-Strawberry Kiwi Salad, the classic flavor combo & Printer Friendly-Balsamic Berries with Sweet Mascarpone - the Italian classic, kicked up
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