11 May 2010

Coming soon...

 Today I'm going to be taking pictures of my local farmer's market here in Germany. Right now it's Spargel season! (Asparagus, they love the white kind here). I haven't really done too much with white asparagus, so today will be an adventure. Hopefully, I'll have some tasty uses for this somewhat unusual veggie later on this week.

For today (and maybe tomorrow), you can expect:
  • What to buy organic, and what you can ignore
  • WHY to buy organic produce 
  • How to grow your own organics: Organic alternatives to conventional pesticides
  • My recipe for a quick and nutritious breakfast smoothie (you'll never go back to cereal again)
  • The method for a great stir-fry
Look forward to seeing you soon! (Oh, and to anyone who tried my Chicken Paprikas recipe link yesterday without luck, it's working now!)

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