22 May 2010

Daily Update: 22 May

Daily Musings:

No incredibly deep thoughts today. It was a gorgeous day out, and the hubs and I took thr train to a little town north of where we live called Oberwesel, where they were having their biannual Mittelaltermarkt ("Middle Ages Market"). Good food, good wine, and good company... it doesn't really get much better!


Breakfast - We got up kinda of early, since we had plans, and I made my favorite go-to breakfast, soft-cooked eggs and toast. I'm trying out a different method than my usual way, care of Kenji Lopez-Alt, one of my new favorite bloggers, on Serious Eats.    ...So far, my eggs have over-cooked both times I've tried Kenji's way, but I blame that more on my lack of a kitchen thermometer than the method itself :) Either way, it's a fabulous breakfast.

Lunch - After walking around the MAM for awhile, I found the perfect lunch for a warm early-summer day: freash, homemade smoked local trout, served cold on rustic country bread and lettuce, topped with an herb-yogurt sauce. The hubs went for a fresh venison burger, which they smothered in an onion-mushroom- honey mustard concoction that I could have happily bathed in it was so god!

Walked around some more, got a small sweet treat, a baumkuchen ("tree-cake"). Lovely, light thin layers of cake, and just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. (Since I was focusing so hard on not getting food all over m y camera - no plates/forks you see - I didn't manage to get a photo, which is a shame, since they had a baumkuchen at the table that was almost a meter high.

We continued on, got some wine, watched some people play with fire, and then headed home.

Dinner - After such a long day, we just kept it simple: pasta with some refrigerator leftovers: tomato sauce, some leeks, a little fresh mozzarealla, and a little bit of local Italian bread with my homemade butter.


Clearly, walking around a market for a few hours constitutes as activity (and quite a fun activity at that!).


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