18 May 2010

Daily Update: Tues 18 March

So, I'm going to try something here... I realize I can get preachy (although that isn't always my intent... always...), but I don't really expect you to take advice from someone when you can't see the effect of the choices I make.

I started this site for 2 reasons: One, because I love to teach and inform (hopefully I can get my RD someday...), but Two, I had fallen off my self-made health wagon and stopped thinking as hard about my food and daily activity. Between a move to Germany, and suddenly having to figure out what to do with myself everyday, I found myself falling into old patterns. Well, not completely, I was still thinking about my food and my activity, I just wasn't doing too much about it. Sometimes making a complete change is a great thing: it gets you out of a rut, and can help you turn around destructive behavior (like eating too much cake every day - something that kind of happened after my wedding in October...). Other times, when you've worked hard to establish new routines, a complete change of surroundings puts you back to square one.

So that expands on my number 2 reason. I know my stuff, I do, but sometimes (like many people out there) life can get in the way. I'm human, and unlike a lot of food and fitness gurus out there who make it seem like they can never slip up, I can (an do). And being in a country like Germany, I am surrounded by food that in some ways is great (they're much more focused on the origins of their food), and some ways not so great (can you say deep-fried pork cutlet, aka Schnitzel, it's friggin everywhere!!).

But I've started to get back on track. In the past 3 weeks, I have lost about 5 pounds of what came back after the wedding. Now that I've straightened myself out, I am going to try and update the site with some daily musings, as well as my meals and activity for the day. Please note: I don't claim to eat diet food, or low-fat/low-carb, whatever. My goals in my food are to eat naturally, whole, preferably sustainable food, rich in nutrients. I want to show it's possible to eat REAL food, and still be healthy; it's all about balance.

So, for Tues, 18 March (living in Europe, the date is officially ingrained in my brain "backwards")


So the idea today is that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone falls off the "wagon" so to speak. What's important is not the fall; what's important is that you get back on track.

The Dalai Lama posted this on Twitter the other day (yes, that Dalai Lama), and although I'm sure the man is referencing spirituality, I think this statement can just as easily apply to our food choices:
When we can recognize and forgive ignorant actions of the past, we gain the strength to constructively solve the problems of the present.


Breakfast - woke up late... no breakfast...

Lunch - Met the hubs, and we split a small chicken schnitzel with green pepper sauce, a couple of boiled potatoes, some broccoli (I insisted we pay the extra for a real veggie), some strawberry yogurt for dessert, all washed down with some sparkling apple juice (they love that here) and sparkling water.

Dinner - I made a smoked salmon and leek cream sauce, served over store-bought mushroom tortelloni (like tortellini, but way bigger!). I topped the hot pasta with a cold tomato and avocado salad. (recipes to come) Small, but incredibly satisfying portions! Served with a knusperstange, a large breadstick our local bakery makes, that has all kinds of seeds and nuts baked in, with a thin layer of crispy baked cheese over top. A little herb-olive-oil compound butter, and dinner is complete!

Is it rich? Yes. But with small servings, it's not unreasonable. (and therein lies the key - it's all about moderation/portion control)

Is it unhealthy? I don't think so. Whole dairy, maybe 2 servings of carbs (6 tortelloni and half a breadstick), got some nice healthy fats with the avocado and olive oil, and some veggies in there too. Even filled in my protein with a little smoked salmon for good measure.

Finished off with a lovely cheese pastry (split with hubby) from a local bakery.

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