14 May 2010

This week's links

Obviously, I don't know everything (but don't tell my hubby that I've admitted that!). There are a lot of smart and creative people out there in the world, so once a week or so, I plan to showcase some of those smart people out there in the blog-o-sphere. 

Earlier this week, I wrote my first Kitchen Basics post, about how to properly (and safely) set up your cutting space. As I said in that post, the most important thing to have a good sharp knife. Read this post from David Lebowitz for some great advice on not only knife care, but how to choose a good knife. 

Given that I want this blog to focus mostly on great food, I wanted to post a nice healthful recipe here, and Marc Matsumoto of [No Recipes] has come up with something the looks truly delicious. Since it's been kind of rainy and gross here in Germany, this miso soup just comes across as real comfort food. This is proof you can eat natural, wholesome food that's still delicious and satisfying.

In this editorial from Good Eater Collaborative (one of my new favorite sites), Mike Cadoux offers some poignant (and humorous) observations of many failings in our modern processed-food world.

I have to have an article with some science and health! The only way we can make lasting changes in our diets and lives is to expand our knowledge. Everyone knows they shouldn't eat 2 or 3 Twinkies in one siting, but knowing you shouldn't and knowing WHY you shouldn't can be the difference between you and that First Twinkie.

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