20 May 2010

Daily Update: 20 May

Daily Musings:

So, today, I have been thinking that patience is a virtue. One I unfortunately am not exceptionally close with. But, every day, I try a little harder, and over the course of my life, each little bit has added up. So just remember, when you're frustrated, most of the time, it could always be worse. Try to think of what's gone right that day (or that week, if the day is turning out... disappointing). And remember, there is always tomorrow.


Breakfast - OK, I think I'm starting to notice a trend. Because of the hubby's weirded out work schedule last week, my sleep schedule fell off track a bit. Waking up late, I've been eating late. But I was good! I managed to clean out my fridge, and have a healthy lunch at the same time!

2 thin slices of toast, with some fresh mozzarella melted over them, topped with tomato (allowed it all to sit in the pan and warm up). Then I topped it all with some fresh avocado! A little salt and pepper, and it was a great open-faced sandwich!

Dinner - Cheese and herb fresh tortellini with homemade tomato sauce care of Steamy Kitchen and Marcella Hazan - I've made this sauce at least 4 times since reading the post, and haven't bought jarred sauce in weeks! Served up with a tomato and mozzarella salad, drizzled with a pesto balsamic olive oil dressing. Superb!

A small slice of fresh spongecake with whipped cream and strawberries, and that's a night!


Walked to and from my hubby's work today, about 2 miles altogether. Not a huge amount, but it's still something!

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