23 May 2010

Daily Update: 23 May

Daily Musings:

It was so incredibly gorgeous out today. I really haven't been thinking of much in the way of substantial musings, all I did was enjoy the beautiful weather. On a day like today, that's all you can do: go out and enjoy the sunshine. Take a walk, and just be content. :)


Breakfast - The hubs worked the night shift, so I just threw together something simple, nutritious, and most importantly, quiet! Well, besides having to wash the dishes to make coffee (I love him, and wanted to let him sleep, but nothing was going to come between me and my coffee - no machine, french press). So, coffee made, I threw together a satisfying parfait of whole milk plain yogurt, mashed banana, and müsli (granola). It was oddly similar to a banana pudding, with great contrast in textures.

Lunch - Once my hubby finally woke up, we had a light lunch, since we were meeting his boss for dinner. A simple salad with some ham and cheese bits, finished with a balsamic dressing. Simple, balanced, and very tasty.

Dinner - I love Indian food. I can't think of another ethnic cuisine that constantly satisfies me without making me feel like I've pigged out. I don't know what it is, but Indian food always puts me in a good mood. Add to that a glass of an Indian dry red wine (I didn't even know they did that), and it was a very successful evening indeed!


We were good today, and walked downtown to meet the boss for dinner. And then we walked back. I love when the weather's nice, because then I don't even want to think about taking the bus. Two miles each way, and even a leisurely stroll gives you some good calorie-burning.

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