15 May 2010

Visions of a German Farmer's Market

So, like I've said, I have a love affair with really great food! I am incredibly lucky to live where I do, because there are Farmer's Markets out the wazoo here! The major one in town runs on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday every week! It's huge, and now that the weather's nice, it's getting bigger. You can find everything down there, even a vendor selling local wine on Saturdays! So, given my ill-concealed excitement, I wanted to share some photos from my visit last Tuesday.

Later, I'll post a recipe I've been mentioning for a little while: Chicken Paprikas. (First time I have ever bought chicken from a FM, and let me tell you, it's a whole different bird!

German Radishes: I just loved the color of these! That deep magenta is just so gorgeous! 

The white radishes intrigue me as well.

Of course, you can't have German produce without red cabbage (as well as the stunning green cabbage at the top of the page). It just lends itself to such beautiful photos!

My favorite: rhubarb! One of the local shops here makes a strawberry-rhubarb cake that is unbelievable. My mom has some growing wild in her backyard, and I just love it! (One of my cousins actually like to take plain raw rhubarb, and just dip it in a little sugar and eat it that way!)

I love this chicken! This was the first day I bought farm-fresh FM eggs (3X the price, but soooo worth it!). This stand always caught my attention, not only because of the chicken, or even the cute little old man who runs it, but because of the sign! Roughly translated it means "No worries of Salmonella from our eggs!" I love it! (The eggs at this stand cost about 10% more than most of the other stands, but you can't help but love the chicken! Genius marketing at its finest!)

The same chicken, giving me the evil eye because the chicken-man decided I wanted the bird awake, and proceeded to poke it until it woke up... and fell asleep again in about a minute.

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