04 June 2010

This Week's Links: June 4

It has been one crazy week out here! Between the hub's birthday and some other issues, I've barely touched the computer all week. As such, I don't really have any links to share.

BUT! That doesn't mean I've got nothing for you! If you look above, you'll see a new tab: Blogs I Love

These are some of my favorite site from the past month of exploration. Check them out; they've got some great recipes, witty commentary, and absolutely drool-worthy photography. If you want me to check out your website, feel free to comment below.

PLEASE NOTE: Normally I will not tolerate blatant self-advertisement on my site, however, feel free to take this opportunity to share your stuff. I'm always looking for something new to read. Just make sure to include the reason why you think I will enjoy your site; simply post a link and it will be deleted. Please, make an effort!

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