28 June 2010

Where I'll be the next week

Over the next week or so, you may notice a lack of posts. Don't be alarmed, I just won't have internet at home for a week or so. 

I plan to try and get some posts out this week and next, but that will require trekking to the hubby's office, which is normally pretty convenient, except this week, he's got a big project going on. As such, my access to the interwebs will be limited. I am planning to try and get out my planned posts as usual, however, circumstances may end up outside my control. 

As it is, this will be a golden opportunity to break my dependence on the internet, and branch out a bit! (Yeah, sure).

I just wanted to let you all know what was going on. Stay tuned for a series on homemade stovetop mac and cheese, and a recounting of this weekend's Johannisnacht - a celebration of Mainz's prodigal son, Johannis Gutenberg (yeah, that guy with the printing press). German street food, attractions, a public showing of a World Cup match, and some serious entertainment await! I can tell you, my feet are sore, my belly is full (and tonight is the firewroks show, so it's not over yet!)

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